Friday, 23 March 2012

6th Blog Anniversary

When I started writing this blog six years ago I never thought anyone would be interested in what I was up to.
I thought it would be a good way for me to record my progress and if anyone else wanted to read it, then that would be a bonus.
I was surprised to find that after only a couple of posts, bloggers around the world had “liked”, commented and/or decided to follow my blog.
I started to read more and more fantastic blogs about all sorts of subjects and found I enjoyed reading as much as writing.

Six years later, I'm still posting and today Claire nominated me for an award.
Due to other big happenings today
I'll get back to writing more on this award very, very soon.

What can't wait is this:

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful friendship.
It's highly valued.
You have remarkable enriched my life.

I hope you are still having as much fun out of stitching & blogging as I am!

Happiness & laughter to one and all,


Monday, 19 March 2012

Dinosaur Alphabet - Update No. 6

Thanks everyone for your encouragement on this project.
I really appreciate it.

This is how it looked at the end of February when I last posted my progress.

This is Dinosaur Alphabet today.

I've been busy trapsing the countryside, sure,
but the project is also a 'labour of love' at the moment.

I've got so many other things I want to stitch!

Cross your fingers, close your eyes tight and wish speedy but accurate and happy stitching vibes my way.

If you really want to know what I've been up to, apart from Felix events, press my Daily Bliss blog link to the left.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fabric Covered Box Tutorial

Hi Folks,

It has been a spectacularly busy few weeks, for me. I went over to Brisbane for Felix's baptism, stayed to spend time with the Royal Family & my friend with breast cancer, Terry, and then flew to Sydney with The Youngest Princess to see the Lace, Harry Potter and Picasso Exhibitions and to visit the Rosehill Racecourse Sewing and Craft Fair.

I could write so much about these happenings but I'd never finish this entry. Let's just say that each event was spectactular! I learned a lot, I had a great time with my loved ones and

I bought (amongst other things) my first patchwork project in 30+ years

No sooner had I landed back in Perth than I was off to a fabric covered box workshop run by the Embroiderers' Guild of WA.

Here are some photographs of my humble attempts at making a box.
While it's not perfect, I quite like the outcome.

Practice, practice, practice!

Just as an aside ...

More big things happening in the next two weeks:

There's that big first birthday in a couple of days, my aunt is coming from Brisbane for a visit (and we are going to the Margaret River - home of some spectacular WA vineyards) and Lucy is going to do a happy dance (of sorts).

No expectant mother looks really graceful at this stage of a pregnancy when the temperatures are 40+C


Happiness & laughter to one and all,