Monday, 3 April 2006

A New Week Begins

It's Monday morning again. Paul has left for work, Gypsy Cat is snoozing quietly on a bed somewhere and the house is quiet. This won't last! How do I know? Experience.

While it seemed that I spent a long time last week getting these webpages up and running and working on my cross stitch projects, these were only the tip-of-the-iceburg kinds of activities. I also enjoyed lunch with my kids on Tuesday, a concert at the Conservatorium on Wednesday evening, dinner with Paul on Friday evening, some housework, some tutoring, some gardening, some shopping, some time with a friend and some time on the phone to siblings. All in all, it was a good week.

The question I ask is this: should I be measuring time and toting up the activities I am doing to make sure that I am using it well? Of course that question leads to others: What is time? What does 'using it well' actually mean? and Can I continue with the theme 'I am 28 next birthday' simply because I have been using the argument that time does not exist therefore the age I choose to be is an abitrary number?

According to the Wikipedia, time has long been a major subject of philosophy, art, poetry and science. There are widely divergent views about its meaning, hence it is difficult to provide an uncontroversial definition of time. While there is little dispute regarding the units of time, scholars disagree on whether time can be measured or is itself part of the measuring system.

For now, 'the use of time' question will remain unanswered. Time management and choice are part of the possible answer if I choose to explore it, but right now I'm choosing to simply go with the flow of life and thus allowing priorities to float to the surface rather than setting myself a weekly "must do" agenda.

As to the idea of 28 next birthday, the Oxford English Dictionary defines time as 'the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future, regarded as a whole.' Another standard dictionary definition is 'a nonspatial linear continuum wherein events occur in an apparently irreversible order.'

I guess 'irreversible order' might have an effect on my age. Ah well, nice try Bliss! Think of 23rd April as a day of celebration, kiddo, not a number.

Happiness and laughter always,


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My Daily Laundry said...

I prefer to live as if I'm not promised tomorrow... because I'm not... therefore...cherish, ponder, enjoy each moment of time for what it brings, even in struggle. (of course, saying this and doing it are 2 different things!)
(I hate birthdays)LOL
I've been thinking about my time managment for this week too... and it's not even Monday here yet! (so weird to read that your day has already begun!)
I try to remember to choose not what is good... (everything can be good) but what is BEST. That can narrow my choices down considerably.