Wednesday, 3 May 2006

The Gang 2

'The Gang' is progressing nicely. Sorry, no pic for the site today, but it was a choice between doing a bit more work on the project or taking time out to set up the scanner. I am pleased with my progress so far.

I am not so pleased with the kit . There are symbols on the pattern which have no matching symbols on the key nor do they have threads as part of kit - in fact no mention of them at all! I'm improvising according to other Popcorn examples I have cut of magazines and from scrutinizing the picture to near blindness.

I've decided that I am not going to buy any more 'Designer Stitches' kits. Very often, the kits don't have enough threads for the project nor floss numbers to tell me what the thread colour is in order to buy more. The threads are regularly of inferior quality even when indicated that they are quality DMC threads.

That's not to say that I'm about to get rid of anything in the stash pile. I'll soldier on with what I've got rather than spending yet more ... er, no, I won't continue that thought. My husband reads my blog and he might hold me to any possibility of stash expansion.

Ah well, back to it!

Blissful stitching to one and all!

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Carto said...'s a common problem (well, I've certainly experienced it anyway). I experienced it a few years ago, when I bought a kit to stitch for my Aunt who decided to emigrate back to Ireland. I stitched a pig for her (she loves anything to do with them - collects pig ornaments, etc,). The kit stated that the thread were genuine DMC but I could tell after completing a couple of rows that they weren't DMC at all. They kept knotting on me every 5 minutes and in the end, I wasted so much thread that I decided to go and buy replacement DMC threads. I could immediately see the difference. They didn't have the same sheen as DMC threads at all! I also struggled with the pattern as various symbols were mixed up. I learnt a lot with that project! :)