Monday, 22 May 2006

This and That

Where are the weeks going? Already it's Monday again and, although it's barely 5am, I've kissed Paul goodbye and packed him out the door to catch a plane to Sydney. The working week has begun!

Last Tuesday's lunch was the highlight of the week. Gosh I love those kids of mine! The Crown Princess is enjoying having her suitor home in Brisbane for a few weeks, the student prince and princess are getting ready for end of semester exams which come up in mid-June.

During the week, I was also lucky to catch up with a former work mate. This lovely lady is encouraging me in many directions. She's a dynamo of energy herself so she inspires by actions - my kind of friend, I must say.

On Saturday afternoon Paul and I went to the Brookfield Show. It brought home to me how unique our little community is and how 'tucked away' it is from the rest of the bustle of Brisbane. I like this fact. It goes with what Paul describes as my 'batcave' tendencies. I wouldn't go as far as thinking 'dark, damp and gloomy' with that analogy, folks. It's more a simple need from time to time to pull up the draw-bridge of Castle Bliss and enjoy my own company for a while. In a family where we have seven off-spring and both of us usually work full time, this opportunity doesn't come along too often.

It's only three weeks until our trip to Europe. While I'm really looking forward to the holiday, I have a list of jobs as long as my arm to do before I go because when I get back I'm heading back to school again. They are not boring jobs per se. Some are quite interesting - painting a couple of rooms, planting the last of the rose bushes we purchased on Mother's Day, finishing my cross stitch project (check it out at Blissful Creations) ... Some, however, are the activities of daily life which keep the household flowing. Anyway, the upshot of the list is that the life of 'leisure' as I have known it since February is over.

And on that note, the sun has risen so I'd better get to the list. Have a good week.

Love, happiness and laughter always, folks.


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