Monday, 28 August 2006

Back at Work But Not back to the Gym Just Yet

I'm back at work but not yet back at the gym. That will take a few more weeks.
Paul's home in Brisbane, but he's out wining and dining clients, so the youngest princess and I are grazing rather than cooking a feast. Paul's being out is probably a good thing as we (us girls) are both swamped in assignment work - Gabriella doing them, me marking them.

Tomorrow night is family dinner - the residents of Castle Bliss are doing apple streusel pie, spaghetti and rice. Everyone else in the family is cooking what we fondly call 'Leftover Café' food - those dishes cooked a few days in advance that improve with being in the fridge. I believe chicken curry is on the menu. I can't wait to see what the crown princess is bringing.

If you check out my Blissful Creations site to the left, you will find my gorgeous cross stitch efforts. I'm leading a quiet but artistic blissful life!

Apart from that, not much is happening.

I hope you are all doing great things.

Happiness and laughter always,


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