Friday, 29 September 2006

Onwards and Upwards

'Gathering Honey' 'The Rose Garden'

Froggie & Just Another Stitch in Paradise have inspired me with their beautiful stitching! I've added two pieces to my stash list that are going to go to the top of the WIP rotation as soon as I have finished my 'Pooh's Seasons' sampler. Aren't they beautiful?

I couldn't get the suggested fabrics for either project, so when my husband, Paul, was in Sydney this week, he went into Tapestry Craft and bought me two fat quarters of 28ct linen in cream and dirty linen as substitutes. What a champ!

It will probably be a few weeks before I start either project, but look for progress reports.

Happy stitching!



Stitch or no stitch said...

Great new stash Bliss - yes they are beautiful!!! Thank goodness your DH was able to pick up the fabric in Sydney.
How upsetting about the e-bay purchases. I have never bought anything there and I guess I won't start now.
If there's ever anything I can buy for you here and send just let me know.
Have a wonderful weekend.

BlissxStitches said...

Thanx for that, Margaret.

Cindy said...

Love the new stash items!!!! Your hubby is a champ for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

I have read on lots of Message Boards and Yahoo groups to stay clear of "Cross Stitch Keepsakes"! I am sorry to learn that, you were dumped on, not by one BUT 2 stores!!! I have never heard anything about the other store..

Great Stitchings!