Friday, 24 November 2006

Bremen Town Musicians

I started the above sampler last week. It's a quick and easy project for a change. I tend to go for quite complicated designs with lots of colour changes and backstitching.

This is an adaptation of a Prairie Schooler Sampler called 'The Brementown Musicians'. I'm making it for my nearly 23 year old son who spent his gap year (2002) on a Rotary Exchange in Bremen, Germany. David knows that I have it in my stash pile but he doesn't know that I've started stitching. I'm hoping to get it done and framed for his birthday on 16th December.

The sampler is stitched on 14 count Fiddler's Cloth using 2 strands of floss. There are only 6 colours - Dk Brown (610), Tan (612), Rust (632), Lt Brown (740), Gray (645), Green (924) & Gold (3045).


Carto said...

Aww this is great - I love it. Sometimes it's better to have fewer colours, and this works so well for this design - I think they got it just right. Nice job x

Cindy said...

That is really cute! You are doing a great job!

Stitch or no stitch said...

What a lovely gift for David's birthday. Isn't it fun to be working with so few colors for a change?

stitcherw said...

What a cute project, with the name in common it will be perfect for him.

Stitch said...

Hi there! That looks like a fun piece! It reminds me of a poem I often heard as a child..LOL Great job on it! :D

Have a great day!

X Stitch X

lisette said...

well done! i bought this pattern 15 years ago and never got past the donkey! i must fish it out and do some more - perhaps even finish it :)

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Loved it! Had to have it- hope to start it this weekend!