Saturday, 16 December 2006

23 and counting!

The crown prince turned 23 years old this weekend. Babies don't stay babies, do they? Happy birthday, David!

The above picture was published in a 1984 diary the year after he was born. I haven't a clue what the Chinese words say, but the image reflects my life at the time - a wee boy and girl to love and care for.

If I could give one piece of advice to women everywhere, it would be

'Motherhood is under-rated. Take time to have children. Take time to be with them, to look after them and to watch them grow. It is truly the best thing you will ever do!'

My son and his three sisters are a joy. Don't put off having babies because you think that there is always something better to do with career, travel and possessions. In the long run, motherhood is more rewarding & satisfying than any of these things.

Love, happiness & laughter always,


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