Sunday, 21 January 2007

Lifelife Book Fair

I've been to the biennial Lifeline Book fair this weekend. So much for no more stash. LOL.

For the princely sum of $4.00AU I picked up 1. Teresa Wentzler's 'Rocking Horses' graphs (1993) - yes, my friends, all six graphs for $2.00AU; and 2. a beautiful chart of 'The Grand Carousel' by Kappie Originals Ltd (1991). I also picked up a few other odds & sods (read Senior Math textbooks).

It's obvious that the crafters of Brisbane do NOT get rid of anything of value in their stash piles if they can help it. There were many magazines but no books of note.

On my way back from the fair, I found a needlework craft shop in Bardon, just around the corner from The Living Doll (middle daughter, Diana's) house & about 10km from home. I'm going for a visit some time this week when it's open.

A propos to stitching, Stitch or No Stitch has inspired me to continue stitching 'Frederick the Literate' that I had put aside for the Summer. We are doing a SAL on Tuesdays.

Happy stitching everyone!



Anonymous said...

I love the TW Rocking Horses. I've come across many bloggers recently who are stitching up TW's.

stitcherw said...

Great stash, I really like the TW horses and have a couple that came out in one of the magazines years ago. As to Frederick, he is so cute, glad you're picking him up again and have someone to work with in a SAL with.

Lucy said...

$2.00...what a DEAL!!!!

Carto said...

Wooo what a find - well done that woman! I love TW stuff - and these rocking horses look mighty fine! I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year sweet :)

Heidi said...

Thats an awesome find! I saw these on a site somewhere and kept thinking about buying them and I never did since I am not sure when i would do them if ever but I really do like them a lot. Congrats!

Cindy said...

I just love the Rocking Horses!! They are just gorgeous!!!

Can not wait to see some progress on Fredrick of Literate!!

bunnyhead said...

What a great score with those charts! You're so lucky!

Cindy said...

Hey Bliss, to answer your question a SAL is a Stitch a Long. This means that you and another person or group of people are all working on the same piece at the same time. At this time Lana and I are both stitching "Isaiah 30:41". Each SAL can work however the people doing it decide. Lana and I at first were going to work on ours on Tuesdays and Thurdays and post update pic on our blogs on Fridays, but we have decided to leave it open so that we can stitch on them whenever we want and still post our progress pics on our blogs on Fridays.

Meari said...

Great deal on the TW charts!