Thursday, 11 January 2007

Zooming through January

So far this year, Life here in Australia is zooming nicely – literally & figuratively. Last week we hosted two parties - a New Year's Eve bash & a mini family reunion luncheon to celebrate a family engagement - & then I went on a road trip to Rockhampton in Central Queensland (about 700km north of Brisbane – about par for a long ‘drive’ in country Queensland) where I stayed for 5 days with my long time friend, Terry. All events were delightful.

Paul & I love entertaining. We subscribe the the notion that "Life may not be the party we hoped for ... but while we are here we might as well dance!" so we are often in the kitchen cooking up a storm for some event or other. We had fun for those two events, let me tell you!

As you have already read in previous blogs, I’ve a fairly new Mazda 3 (zoom, zoom, zoom). Until last Friday it hadn’t yet been on the open road, so I was pleased to 'go for a drive' even if Paul was a tad disconcerted. It gave me a chance to renew acquaintances with scenery I have travelled through many times in my adult life on my way south to visit my parents & siblings (I lived in north Qld, including Rockhampton, for 25 years) but which, in the last 4 years, has been neglected by me because Paul & I moved to Brisbane where all my family also now lives. To calm himself, Paul (who flies rather than drives wherever he goes long distance - it's usually for work & timing is everything) flew up to Rockhampton on Tuesday evening & we drove home yesterday, making it a lovely ‘together’ day out – very romantic, really. Sssmile.

Meanwhile, before his arrival & while Terry’s husband, Mark, cooked us sumptuous meals & snacks & left us to girlie friendship, Terry & I spent 5 days catching up on each other’s post Christmas gossip, swanning in the swimming pool (it was 39C), visiting Sunday markets and pouring over baby photos taken when our children were small. We’ve known each other for almost 27 years & although it’s only October since she was here with me, there was so much to say!

Terry is an incredibly strong woman who is in the throws of breast cancer treatment. She’s fiercely independent (she’s had to be – a combo of being a nurse & having a family of boys & no other near-living family members), & while no one wants to take that away from her, her Rocky friends & I find ways to keep her company & keep her strong. I’m expecting her to spend most of March & April with me or my family here in Brisbane while she does the radio therapy part. Although the prognosis is positive, keep her in your thoughts.

New Year’s resolutions beware & those who made them take heart! I’ve just discovered that there is a day for everything, including a ‘New Year’s Resolutions Breaking Day’. LOL. Yes, the date is 22nd January. It’s a convenient kind of entry into the diary, as far as I’m concerned. My New Year’s resolutions included the intention to only drink alcohol on special occasions rather than sip my waistline into oblivion, which I did too much of in 2006. Who needs 22nd January for that one, though? There are, of course, special occasions in every calendar to make this an easy resolution to keep without that date – birthdays, anniversaries, saints’ days – in fact, an event for every day of the year. Cheerful thought! Hick!

Happiness & laughter always,



CindyMae said...

Sounds like life is going great for ya and just zooming along! I do miss you on the stitching front though!!! ;)

Sharon said...

Hi Bliss, sounds like you are having a lot of fun. I wish your friend well. I too have a friend thats close. This is our 27th year too. We went to school together, were in each others weddings, and we were pregnant together twice!