Wednesday, 14 February 2007

St Valentine's Day

I hope you all have a wonderful day of friendship & / romance.

Funny story. Most of my off-spring went to a family wedding with their father on the weekend (one of the sadest things about divorce is that you lose half the family you love along with it - I'd have given my eye teeth to be there too).

Eldest Princess, aged 25 years, is mortified! She caught the 20 year old bride's bouquet after her grandmother shoved her to the front of a crowd of girls. Miranda told me that it was a gut reaction. LOL

"Something came flying at me, Mum. I simply put out my hands to catch it, just as I would have done on the basketball court."

Having caught this gorgeous bunch of flowers & recognising the significance of the act, what did my darling girl do? She batted it away as fast as she could & burst into tears. LMAO!

Twenty-eight year old partner, Duncan's, response at having caught the bouquet at all? "What did you have to do that for?"

He's getting plenty of flack as it is from his parents to make the Princess an honest woman without Grandma's efforts.

Grandma's more desperate than I am to see her eldest granddaughter married (I remember in 1978 her wanting to send 24-yo William to Hong Kong to find himself a nice wife - I should have taken that as an omen considering I was sitting on the bench seat in the car with the two of them as they had the conversation). I'm laid back enough to know that if there's to be a wedding between Miranda & Duncan it will happen in its own sweet time.

Happiness & laughter always,


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