Sunday, 11 March 2007

A Blissful Day

Don't be fooled by the little graphic above! Today was one of those days you could live over and again if it wasn't for the sunburn! There was nothing really particular about it, considering that it was 38C, but what did that matter? After an enthusiastic burst of housework, it was a lazy, hazy day from paradise.

Gubbles and I got in & did the washing & a wicked house clean. Being all hot & sweaty afterwards, we wallowed with our garden hippo in the pool. We'd hardly got out again & hung a load of washing when Paul arrived home from an overnight trip to Mackay to see his boys so we got back in for another dip.

The day got lazier & lazier. Paul & I went to the RNA showgrounds to visit the homeshow (a fizzer), came back & climbed back into the pool both nursing a glass of Margaret River Rosé.

By then, it was after 6pm & time for a snooze ...As I said, one of those days we should all have more often ...

I hope you get a chance of one soon. Happiness & laughter always,


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