Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Renovating Castle Bliss (continued)

Getting tradespeople, other than plumbers, to do quotes or turn up for work here in Brisbane, is like trying to organise the mating of two pandas held in captivity on opposite sides of the world. I've renovated / built at least 5 houses in the last 25 years, and nothing prepared me for the slackness of this lot!

However, we've finally signed papers for the construction of a new kitchen! It's all about a new stove, really. We often cook for large crowds but only have a ¾ size oven. Hence, last September, we bought a new gas-electric upright stove thinking (naively) that we could get a carpenter to come and revamp a small portion of the kitchen to fit it in. Noooooo! Too simple! For starters, the laminex is out of date. Secondly, once we started getting quotes, we found that new kitchen quotes were only 1,000AUD more than our small renovation.

It then got somewhat more complicated (as these projects often do). If we are revamping, it seems useless not having everything in the kitchen where you want it. Consequently, the sink is going under the window instead of sitting smack bang in the middle of the best bit of bench space in the kitchen. I'll post a plan soon.

Watch this space for updates from about 16th April...

Happiness & laughter as always,


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