Saturday, 21 April 2007

Kitchen Renovations (Reconstruction - part 1)

Warren, the plumber and his apprentice, Shane.

Warren & the electrician, also called Shane.

David, the apprentice plasterer

Brett, the plasterer, & David.

It just needs sanding and we are ready for a paint job.

After the destruction, there's always a certain amount of rebuilding before the new kitchen goes in. Our house was no exception. Plumbing, electricals and plastering are all 'behind the scenes' necessities that one spends a fortune on & doesn't 'see' when the kitchen is finished, but one enjoys the benefits of. I'm painting on Sunday before the kitchen goes in on Monday.

As we had ripped out the kitchen & the plumber already had a huge hole in our back garden because the former owners had fitted the house downpipes stormwater drainage into the sewerage, we decided to move the sink to under the window. In for a penny, in for a pound. What was another 1m of plumbing likely to cost?

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