Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Take a Look at This!

This is as much a surprise entry to me as it is to you. When I told you in my last entry that the 21st May was going to be a busy day, one of the more pleasurable things planned was a late afternoon drive south to the Gold Coast (about 110km from where we live in Brisbane) to meet up for dinner with my parents-in-law (who are on holiday from places much further south).

This family get-together has been postponed several times because of the kitchen drama & Paul's broken foot (we usually spend Easter's 4-day weekend with them at their home near Port Macquarie). Consequently, last night was the first opportunity for them to pass over my birthday present for last month. They didn't want to post it, they said, because it was too difficult. The gift was a bonsai plant. LOL Definitely not something postable.

Then, out came the piece de resitance.

My fabulous mother-in-law knitted me a gorgeous twin-set! Am I a spoilt girl or what?

The good news is that both pullover & cardigan fit perfectly. The weather has been most co-operative too. Being almost Winter here, the temperature (which has been rather hot for this time of year) plummeted to 8C here this morning, so I'm wearing them as I type. I feel warm & toasty.

Look at the detail ... it's magnificent!

Thanks Mum! This is a special gift that I will treasure for life.


Heidi said...

Wow how sweet of your mom. Very nice twin set and yes I agree its a bit hard to mail a bonsai plant. :)

ollie1976 said...

It's beautiful!

Carto said...

You lucky, lucky thing! What a lovely present to receive and well timed by the sound of the weather you're having :)

Margaret said...

Hey, hey, hey my friend - this gift is not for you at all. The 21st was my b'day which means your MIL was only giving it to you to forward to me. Ha, ha - wishful thinking. What a lovely twin set you lucky girl. My MIL was a great knitter too and made lovely things for me when she was alive.

Love your progress on dear old Fred. You are stitching so fast now. WOW!! 'Berta has joined us. Will send you a copy of the email I sent her.

Is Paul's foot all healed?

Aussie Stitcher said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a message.

Your twin-set is lovely and you are making great progress on Fred.


Faith Ann said...

What a beautiful gift!!

stitcherw said...

What a lovely set, that was a very thoughtful gift. Glad it fit so well and that the weather ended up being such that you've been able to wear and enjoy it.

Meari said...

Beautiful gifts from your MIL! :)

Kendra said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently! :-)

I see you are stitching Frederick...I stitched him 2 years ago as a Christmas present for my mom. She has a framed print of Frederick and I thought she'd like the stitched version to go with it. Stitching on that black aida just about did me in, though! LOL!

Tannia said...

What a lovely gift - lucky you!

Fred is looking great too!