Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Updates - Fred & Love

Fred - Tuesday SAL

The photo-journalling & blogging of projects is a good idea. It shows a rate of progress which I don't otherwise remember. The photos above were taken June 1, 2006 & May 15, 2007 respectively. All I can say is that if I don't finish 'Frederick the Literate' by December 31, 2007 it will go on the shame & guilt pile because it will be over 2 years of work.

Not that we haven't all got projects that have passed UFO status and moved into the space-occupying guilt section of our stash cupboard/shelf. I've got a few that I plan eventually to either graduate to the pile I'm working on or to discretely salvage the fabric & threads from for other projects & pretend I never started.

'Love with a Capital L'

Inch by inch this is still giving great pleasure to stitch!


Jenn said...

Fred looks great. Don't worry mine has been in my UFO/WIP pile longer then yours. :( I did pick him up the other day and I've been bouncing between him and my Celtic Heart. I've just not felt I've gotten enough done on him to post a photo (that and I'm working on black). I'm looking forward to seeing your next update.

ollie1976 said...

I'm sure you'll finish Fred. Love is absolutely beautiful.

Cheryl said...

I love progress pictures too! Its good to see that progress has been made! Love is looking beautiful

Lili said...

Hi Bliss (ain't it a sweet name? lol!)
Considering how difficult Frederick can be, I think that your progress on him should never make you ashamed, even if you work on her more than two years...
I have also done that pretending I'd never started some ufos... lol.

Carto said...

Don't worry about the WIP pile - my pile is as huge as Big Ben! 'Love' is looking great! I hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you. Visit my blog to find out how to play. I hope you don't mind xxx

stitcherw said...

I really enjoy having progress pictures so I can see how far I've come as well. Especially on larger projects, where it can seem like you're stitching forever with no headway. Fredrick is looking great, and you have so much done. I'm sure you'll finish him up. Love is looking so pretty as well, lovely projects both.

Margaret said...

Freddie looks very content and well he should be as your progress is great. I must catch up, I must catch up!!! Worked hard on him this weekend and feel very happy about it. Will show pictures soon.

'Love' looks gorgeous!!