Saturday, 23 June 2007

Kitchen Renovation Update

Last week we removed the tiles from the central part of our house(entrance, gathering room & hallway to the bedrooms). The dust from the jack hammer & concrete grinder was unbelievable & has settled in & on everything. We really should have packed up & moved out before doing that task!

Wednesday reached a low point. I finally sat down and cried about the hopless situtation of our kitchen. It's the hub of the house, empty of its usual stuff. This 'stuff' is stored in the other rooms of the house so we have nowhere to live once we stop our busy bits in the late afternoons. I'm sick of using a towel on our bed in the evening for a dining room table! I seriously can't stand the sight of the barbeque & I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm dying to watch television!

Then, hysteria set in for a moment & I seriously thought about going somewhere (or should I say ANYWHERE?) for 2 weeks whilst I wait out the time for trades people to get their acts together. This came after my tile man told me on Tuesday that it would now be late July/early August before he could do the tiling - he was booked in for next week but had, without telling me, changed his schedule.

I fantasised about leaving everything for all of 10 seconds. I decided, however, that I couldn't leave Gypsy the cat alone in the house in its present state. Whatever would she do? Actually, I know what she would do. She'd find a (forbidden)bed & make herself comfortable.

Then, the telephone rang three times in quick succession. First call was from another tiler, the second from a plasterer & the third from a handyman doing an odd job (not actually related to the kitchen renovation).

"I've got a delay in a job. The owner needs to source 20m2 of tiles. I can start your job on Monday, if you are still wanting someone." said the tiler.

Instantly, my tears dried. Would you believe I was so dumbstruck that the only thing I could think of to say was that I'd check with Paul & get back to him shortly. Paul simply said

"Where's his number? Call him back and say 'Yes please, see you Monday!' "

To cut a long story short, it's go, go. go again here next week. We'll have a tiler, a plasterer & an odd job man here working on the inside of the house &, quite possibly, a water tank installation team working on the outside.

Figuratively speaking, I'm happy dancing again. In reality, I'm up the ladder painting the gathering room yet again (the tile removal did a fair amount of damage to the walls, would you believe?).

Happiness & laughter always,


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