Friday, 8 June 2007

Update on life without a kitchen

The kitchen renovation has meant that normal events of life have kind of been ‘let slip’ for a couple of months, blogging included. Some days are diamonds, some days are stone & some days have quarry face written all over them.

I’ve spent my days doing a lot of painting, plotting & planning, all the household jobs, all the cooking on the back garden BBQ & much of the ferrying to the city for Paul’s work because of his broken foot. I got to the point a few weeks ago that I could have killed for someone else to make me coffee in the morning! Thankfully, we are getting back to the normal morning routines now that my darling can put his foot on the floor again. Mmmm, hot morning coffee!

The one really nice part of having do kitchen organisation twice (& it took me several weeks to find this nice thing, believe you me) is that we get to do the replanning – one usually thinks about all the things one could do AFTER one has committed to a new venture. This way we have a second chance!

Unexpected good news came on Wednesday morning in the notification that the kitchen production has been moved forward on our new contractor's job list. We have been told that we will have our kitchen in 6 weeks - in time for our Christmas in July weekend that's supposed to be happening on the 28th July. Happy dancing, happy jigging!

Work wise, things are quiet for me. I’m not doing any teaching at the moment with my arm the way it is (frozen shoulder), but will probably be back to it in 4th term when all renovations are done. Someone has asked me to do a contract. For Paul, it’s the opposite. The poor bugger is juggling crutches, a head cold & frequent plane trips to Melbourne for meetings.

We are taking an overnight escape in a swank hotel at Southbank this weekend. While we are over that way we have reservations at one of my fave Italian restaurants & we'll pop into the semi-annual Lifeline bookfest.

Happiness & laughter always,

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