Saturday, 7 July 2007

100 Weeks

Paul & I have been married 100 weeks today.
It has been a lot of fun.

It has been a busy time too! Some of the things we have done include:

Travel for holidays:

  • Visit Adelaide & the Barossa Valley (December 2005) - our honeymoon.
  • Spend a month in Central Europe (June/July 2006)
  • Gold Coast weekend for our 1st wedding anniversary (August 2006)

Visit places by taking a few extra days' leave when Paul's worked somewhere interesting, for example:

  • Hobart, Launceston & the Tamar Valley (March 2006)
  • Singapore (November 2006).
  • Sydney - coinciding with Paul's birthday (November 2006).
  • The Margaret River wine region (March 2007).

We've also managed to:

  • Buy a house - now fondly known as Castle Bliss.
  • Celebrate Paul's 50th birthday (November 2005).
  • Both change jobs (February 2006).
  • Paint parts of Castle Bliss for the first time (April 2006).
  • Buy a new car (zoom, zoom, zoom)
  • Celebrate two wonderful Christmases with family.
  • Start kitchen renovations.
  • Do more painting.
  • Remove & re-tile living room floors - I can't quite describe that experience as 'Bliss' (LOL).
  • Repaint parts of Castle Bliss.
  • Find time to rekindle love of embroidery while waiting for Paul to come home, & make some very special online friends doing my cross stitching - not to mention collect some incredible stash.
  • Share countless meals with family & friends (the above photo was taken at Diana's recent 21st birthday dinner).
  • Drink copious bottles of red wine.
  • Swan away many happy Saturdays together, simply enjoying each other's company.

Overall, we live a truly blissful life!

Happiness & laughter always,


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