Thursday, 26 July 2007

Kitchen Delay

We are more or less playing a waiting game here at Castle Bliss. It's supposedly only 3 days until the kitchen installation - & whilst we have seen the pre-painted cabinets, we haven't had word that they are back in the cabinetmaker's shed. We are so over not having a kitchen in our house! Everyone is dying for a home cooked meal & some leftovers.

11am Newsflash: Message from Jason just in - Kitchen postponed for 2 weeks until 13th August!

There are apparently problems related to the routing of the doors, a delay with the painter AND the stone for the benchtops is too short.

What did I tell you? I'm not at all happy about this development, but what can I do other than wait?

I'm mostly peeved the situation because Jason didn't say anything before today about these problems yet he would have known last Friday. I told him more than 8 weeks ago that if there was to be a delay that I wanted to spend 4 days in Adelaide at this time & he assured me that he would let me know if things were not on schedule (but not to worry - nothing could go wrong!). Grrr! What happened to the simple politeness of people calling & making alternate arrangements when they know a problem has arisen instead of waiting until last minute. Jason's last minute was when he was about to walk out the workshop door for a long weekend away?

Life in Castle Bliss has never been about instant gratification. Most things are like Pantene hair shampoo - the results don't happen overnight. Take cleaning the new tiles & painting trims, for example. These two are ongoing projects. The tile grout scum is gradually disappearing & I've finally finished one entire room's painting & am currently reloading the shelves & arranging the furniture. On the leisure front, cross stitch samplers also often take years to complete. I have four large unfinished projects on the go, each at about 70%. I work, work, work but it's slow going.

The waiting has started to wear down my psych (not that the dust storm with tiling helped). I've had to pass up 6 months full time work because I couldn't start on the given day.

However, I have to look on the bright side of life. Lucy's an absolute delight. Her toilet training continues. I had totally forgotten that puppies drink & pee soooo much. She's a ball of energy & chomping teeth. I gave her her first bone this week. What a sight! LOL

Gypsy's jealousy & the size of her equator (she's quite fat, there's no other way to say it) are reducing. She often sits on one side of me while Lucy sleeps on the other. Mealtimes are no longer a smorgasboard. Gypsy must eat when I put the food down & then must finish so that I can hide her bowl from the bottomless pit known as 'Lucy'. It's probably a good idea, anyway.

Apart from that, the only other news to report is that our planned 'Christmas in July' (an excuse to get out kids around the same dinner table for the first time since our wedding & only the second time ever) is set down for the weekend of 25th & 26th August. The idea at this stage is our children, siblings & their families & our friends to come for drinks & nibblies & perhaps a bbq on the Saturday night, & our children to lunch on the Sunday with their partners, Paul's parents, & Jo & Steve.

About the only worry I have about that weekend is that people will expect 'Home Beautiful'. Whilst we will have a kitchen & the hub of our house back, there are still on-going projects being done & therefore some 'organised' chaos to go with, not to mention a Labrador puppy in residence. Our home suggests we are 'interesting' people, not slaves to perfect order. Order that extreme takes too long & is boring!

Happiness & laughter to one & all,


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