Friday, 3 August 2007


On Sunday, a dear friend's only son (Damon, aged just 24 years old) got killed in an accident. He bought a new motor bike a week earlier, went for a spin, clipped a car, bumped his head on the road & died instantly.

The aftermath has been every bit as bad as I thought it would be. There is no worse horror story in a parent's life.

In the years that I worked as an RN, I worked with many terminally ill people & their loved ones. I learned that one of the greatest fears of becoming a parent is outliving one's children. "That fear never goes away," a parent of two grownups told me shortly after I started nursing.

And it's true! Think very gentle thoughts for Roshell & Frank, will you, dear readers? They desperately need them.

Be very proud of the younger generation & smile for the wonderful nature of Damon's friends & sister, Naomi. This group of young people showed up at his funeral today in huge numbers, actively participated & were wonderfully supportive of the family. They showed how much they cared! Awesome!

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Margaret said...

My sympathy, thoughts and prayers go out to your friends in the loss of their son. You are so right - this is every parent's nightmare. It is wonderful that so many young people were there to support his parents & sister in their hour of need.