Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Australians flocked outdoors last night to get a better glimpse of the full lunar eclipse that turned the moon blood red.

The earth, sun and moon fell into perfect alignment for the first time since July 2000. The phenomenon was visible to the naked eye anywhere in Australia.

The eclipse began around 7pm, with the moon totally discoloured by 7.50pm.

It spooked Lucy. At 6.20pm, I took her down to the park at the bottom of the street. We walked happily for half an hour, then she parked herself on the grass & refused to budge. Finally, I picked her up, carried her a few paces, then stopped, put her down & explained to her that I wasn't going to be seen dead carrying a nearly 10kg puppy in public. Lucy then grabbed the lead in her mouth & ran for home without a backward glance for the park she loves so much. She snuggled up on her bed in the laundry & stayed put all night.

Paul & I sat at the top of our steep driveway & watched the specticle. It was like seeing a planet out of the encyclopedia rather than looking at the moon. Wow!

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Romantic Fool said...

That is a beautiful picture. Did you take that yourself?