Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Long Time No Blog

Thank you everyone for you patience. I haven't been blogging at all lately. However, it's now back into the thick of it.

We've been living a full & interesting life here at Castle Bliss - or should I say 'away from Castle Bliss'? The kitchen got finished & immediately I was back at school & busier than ever for three weeks.

Fortunately, Spring break saved me! LOL (I tend to become one-eyed when school is a daily event). I again got a chance to stitch, play with Lucy & finally sort out the kitchen.

We had our quick trip to Gosford & Laurieton which left us quite shattered for a few days afterward.

Then, we had a delightful visit from Paul's cousin, Ann. Her visit got us out & about in Brisbane. From Friday to Sunday we managed 2 trips up Mt Coot-tha (one during day, the other by evening at the start of a spectacular electrical storm), a River Cat cruise from Toowong to New Farm & back to the city, the annual Gallaxy Of Cellos concert at the Conservatorium put on by Markus & Mei-Lei Stocker (in which the Crown Prince played), numerous nosh-ups with the off-spring or friends (including a glorious breakfast at St Lucia golf course & afternoon tea at Southbank) - and, of course, Paul cooked.

Have I ever mentioned that Paul is a fabulous cook? It's his hobby. I never have to lift a finger to cook on weekends. In fact, last week's family dinner was at Castle Bliss & the only request made by any of the kids was that Paul cooked. How good is that? LOL

For an update, that's your lot for today.

Happiness & laughter always,


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