Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day

Christmas 2007 has been & gone. Thank you everyone who sent cards and newsletters. We loved getting them & hearing all your news.

Boxing Day is always a quiet one in our household. It's needed to recover from a day in the kitchen on the 25th. We usually have a minimum of 18 people for lunch on Christmas Day, but this year there were just 6 of us ... and it was lovely. We are getting great benefit from our relaxed day.

The smaller number came to be because we were originally going to Laurieton for Christmas with Paul's parents, but these plans changed.

Anyway, Gifts were exchanged before lunch. I received a lovely new watch, a red handbag & shoes to match from the MOTH; books to read, a DVD, a candle, mositurizing creams, chocolates & beading materials from the kids. The gift from my mother-in-law caused the greatest hilarity. She sent me 4 pairs of white bonds cottontail undies - um, sized enormous. What a great sense of humour that lady has! We laughed and laughed!

I think she has started a new Christmas tradition - Bonds Cottontails for Xmas the the woman who has everything she needs!

The MOTH & I've not moved off the lounge chairs today (except to hang out the tea towels & table cloths from yesterday and to drifted back and forth from the fridge to sample leftovers). The MOTH & I have blindly watched 5 DVDs in a row, the latest being 'The Muppet Treasure Island' while we've played with Lucy & I've stitched more of 'Fred'. Ah, the life of holidays!

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