Friday, 21 December 2007

Fred update!

No, I don't think Fred is going to be finished by 31st December! The MOTH starts a 10 day break after today's day at the office & somehow I doubt that stitching will be on the agenda. Ah well!

Despite this slight hiccough, 2007 has been a good year for my creative urges. I've done a few happy dances throughout the year, most notably the 'Love with a Capital L' & the 'Amitie' samplers, but also some home renovations, knitting for a friend's baby, and beading for Christmas gifts. Frederick the Literate will be finished in the early New Year while Paul is in Montreal.

2008 promises a couple of new cross stitch beginnings. It's also going to be the year of belt-tightening a propos to stash acquisition. Only items necessary to finishing what's already in the pile are allowed to be bought! LOL (famous last words).

I hope, too, to I finish a few more of those WIPs to the left. I'm so OVER the 'Follow Your Dreams' piece on the side but am determined to finish it. I hope, too, to finish the Seaside Trilogy. If I get all of them done, that will more or less have me up-to-date with starts (there are a couple of UFOs but these are on hold until I hear the pitter patter of babys' feet - my future grandchildren or friends' grandchildren). I think what I will have to do is rotate a few items. Blah! I'm usually a one-project-at-a-time girl, but I won't finish that Dreams unless I can have some diversion therapy.

Want to hear something nice? I was over at David's house the other day & went into his bedroom to put something on his bed. What do you think I spied on the wall (apart from a Rosina Wachmeister framed poster - my fave modern artist - & a couple of his gf, Nadia's, works of art)? He had up a little Suzy's Zoo cross stitch effort that I had made as a name plate for his bedroom door when he was about 8 years old. How sweet is that?


~Tammy said...

I'm trying to widdle down my WIP list as well. We'll tackle our respective lists together and make some dent in our projects. That is my challenge to myself for this coming year.

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Bliss, in my eyes, you have had the most wonderful year for stitching and all that involves your family!

I think I will join you in working through my stash! I may try switching Fred up with something eyes don't like winter stitching on black!

All the best with finishing Fred early in 2008 and I can't wait to see Dreams complete!

Take care, enjoy your family!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I'll join you in your 'no new stash' resolution. I have so much again after this year.

Fred will get done eventually and he's so gorgeous he's definitely worth the wait and all the hard work.

Margaret said...

How sweet that David has his Suzy's Zoo name plate hanging up in his home. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!!

Like you, I'm having trouble meeting the 12/31 deadline. I'm getting so close but hate to rush through the finishing touches. Shall we just move it to the end of January or do you think that is still cutting it too close? Just set a new date and let me know OK?

Bliss said...

Yes, Margaret, we'll move the date to 31st January. Teachers start on the 22nd, so it may be a bit before the 31st that I finish. However, it does give us time to do a neat finishing job.