Thursday, 27 December 2007

On being fat ...

Les Enfants grandis! (Note that the Crown Prince is 6'3" tall)

Women & ideal size has been a subject for talk around family dining room tables (not to mention in magazines, and on television & radio) since time began. In my humble opinion, I think the debate about size has become quite ridiculous. The only people who should be wearing size zero are new-born babies!

This morning, I got an email (through one of the cross stitch groups to which I belong) lamenting about how young, gorgeous, Eurasian women are being socialised into thinking that they are fat when truth be told they are a Bo Derek perfect 10! It happens often that an Asian parent's perception (either Mum's or Dad's) becomes quite warped as to what their Eurasian daughters should look like. Asian women are usually very slight figured, so their Eurasian daughters seem hulkingly large (or super heavy on the scales) in comparison.

I speak from personal experience. I was married from my late teens to my early 30s to an Australian born Chinese who is super tall but very atheletically thin. I'm a short curvy model of a woman. When I was in my 20s, I was expected to be a mere 45kg to meet what he considered the 'ideal' woman. I was hungry for more than a decade!

In short, when my ex made a 'fat' comment to one of our 3 then teen-aged daughters (who are all about 175cm tall), I saw red! My girls don't have a chance in hell of being tiny little moppets, even with their Asian genes, because my father was 6'3" tall!

Unlike the other Eurasian women in my ex husband's family, my gorgeous, gorgeous daughters are able to eat anything they like without an ingrained fear of looking fat, and they do (choosing healthy food first every time). They all exercise, are fit & enjoy family gatherings to the max! The picture above says a 1000 words about their shape, not to mention their ease at being photographed (a sure sign of how one feels about self).

It's time more people spoke up about this issue! Congratulations to the Jennifer Love Hewitts of the world who do.

I'll now get off the soap box & let you have your say, if you wish.

Happiness & laughter always,


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