Friday, 14 December 2007

One of those days ... & snoring

I'm having a day on the bed today. I have a fever, probably as a result of both ear drums blowing badly in the plane from Sydney yesterday afternoon.

I've discovered as I lie quietly listening to the world rather than playing music, etc, that it's not only my darling husband who snores in this household.

Lucy & Gypsy are clinging to me like limpets today (read: sleeping as close as they can physically get). I guess they missed me while I was gone from Sunday to Thursday. Anyway, both cat AND dog snore! Poor old Paul! I've been blaming him for my recent sleepless nights but it might not have been him at all. LOL.

Lying quietly is always good plotting time. I've organised a girlie day out with some of my daughters for next Thursday. The crown princess won't be in town, but the other two will be, so we are going Christmas shopping & then out for a champagne afternoon tea. Paul's going to rescue us later in the day, stow the parcels we buy in the boot of his car & then take us all out for dinner. Christmas is a nice togetherness, huh? I love my family!

Sadly, lying quietly on my bed has also got me disowned by half my family - um, Paul's whole family, in fact.

I've gotta tell you that this is one hell of a family of seasonned drama queens (male & female)! Anway, this time the drama is about an email I answered from a niece in London that I wish I hadn't answered. The over-reactions to misreading my reply & subsequent fallout have have them so angry that the whole family is going to have an apoplectic seizure & outlive my FIL! My sister-in-law vows never to speak to me again. Pfft! Who cares?

Poor Trevor (my FIL) has had bypass surgery & while it went well, he's still not 100%. He's over 80. I think the women of the family believe that he will be running marathons in the next few weeks. My 17 years of nursing tell me otherwise, not that I actually said that. I simply told the niece that Trevor has lost his appetite & that the doctor has said that he will have to go home to Laurieton (from Sydney) in an air ambulance rather than taking a train or car.

Well, did I do the wrong thing, or what? She got all stroppy because she read that I had told her that Trev was going to die & how dare I do that when she was so far away & that her 'Pa' was the closest relative she had & that I was worrying her, and, and...

Again, another chance for that particular generation of Davies kids to rub in that I am the outsider & not the one who gave birth to Paul's three sons. I've heard it all before! I'm afraid I lost it and that I was a bitch and point blank asked why the niece wasn't home here if she cared so much about her grandfather. Her partner came home last week. Kim's coming home in a few weeks but says she will come home sooner 'if anything happens' to Trevor. My point is that Kim is the girl to call after someone dies but not to rely upon her before the event, nothing else counts as 'anything'.

Say some prayers that the stress levels in both niece & her mother diminish soon. I don't particularly care either way if they don't talk to me again (quite honestly, it's a relief is Kim doesn't), but I think it sucks that Paul is the meat in the sandwich. I was sincerely trying to be a loving aunt.

Oh, and say some prayers for Trevor that the rest of his days are more comfortable than the last few months. He's just had his third bypass (& goodness know how many other heart ops) so he won't be running races or perhaps even back in fine form any time too soon but he is a physically strong man with few problems apart from his heart issues. He should eventually recover some of his former vigor. Please God, make it sooner than later!

Happiness & laughter always,


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