Sunday, 27 January 2008

Guilt Free Start No. 1

I've had the charts for these two in my stash pile for almost the same length of time as the 'Seaside Samplers'. My plan is to do both of them this year. I'm starting on 'The Rose Garden' first. I'm stitching it on natural light linen with DMC threads.

Also in the stash pile to start this year is a 'Cirque de Cercles Sampler' from Ink Circles, 'The 5 Rules of Happiness' by Glendon Place, a couple of mermaids, some grapes and maybe a Christmas Advent Calendar.

Ambition ++! We all start these things and then take years of happy stitching to complete. I'm pleased with that!

I'm also happy to report that someone who received beading for Christmas put in an order for something for her daughter's birthday next weekend.

Anyway, I'm outta here to do some gridding & some stringing.

Happy stitching everyone!



Marita said...

Great news about the beading :)

stitcherw said...

Congratulations on your Sand Castle finish, and Potion Magic looks to be coming along well too. She is so cute stirring her brew, hopefully it will be a little more fun as you get more done.

How wonderful to have someone ask to order some of your beading, it must feel so good to know it was appreciated after the other. Your two new projects look like they will be beautiful. You're going to have quite a few gorgeous projects underway.

Stitchingranny said...

Just found your blog Bliss. I read with horror of the gift given back. I feel so sorry for these people that a gift given with love could not be accepted in the same way. You cannot put a price on love and obviously these sad sad people dont know that and so will miss so much in life.

You do some lovely work and I love the 2 new ones you are planning to stich.

Megumi said...

Both of those charts look lovely. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun stitching them. :)

And I'm happy to hear that someone wants more of your beadwork! Congrats!

Lili said...

Your sand castle is wonderful to look at. It takes me back to my childhood when we sooo enjoyed playing in the sand.
Your projects are very tempting, especially the rose garden...

Anonymous said...

Nice to have someone appreciate what you make...what is this guilt free starts? Is this a program that I need to know about ;) A 12-step prgoram for serial one at a timers? (not me of course LOL)

'Berta said...

Both of those are beautiful...and you were such a good stitcher finishing those others before starting something new!

It's nice that your beading was such a hit! I'm so glad your happy self is back in the house!

Suzanne said...

I love these two new designs. It's good to see you have the desire to stitch so many designs. I hope that you have the time to complete all of them.

margaret said...

Thought I would just drop in and say Hi. Boy you are doing some lovely pieces love them all.
So pleased that you have had an order to. Go girl you can do it.
Hugs sent

Nicole and Phil said...

I am looking forward to seeing these in progress...and hopefully finished in the not too far away future!

Ruth said...

See, not everyone is an idiot. :)

Love those Guilt-free plans. I have the rose garden one... hmmm... maybe I ought to did that out

Margaret said...

Gorgeous pieces. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Sounds like you are also joining the 'Cirque' world. I truly wonder how many of you across the world will be stitching this at one time.
Great about your beading order. Shows you that some people do appreciate true crafting beauty.