Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Here are the beautiful beading projects I made for my family & friends.

It has been an awful week in my world. There has been nothing blissful about it, let me tell you!

On Sunday, I got a 'razz' from Michael about what I made for Tiffany at Christmas time, and how dare I send his woman cheap crap for Christmas.

I'm kinda in shock about that!

When I explained that it wasn't cheap crap & was made of goldwash beads, Swarovski crystal & Czech glass & designed, with fun, just for his 'woman', his response was:

"Someone ripped you off. I could have bought it at a market stall with change from $20.00."

Gosh! The trouble is that one thing leads to another.

Tiffany then sent me a text message that told me point blank that on the night of their engagement party in Mackay (a thousand kilometres from home), I find myself something to do (sit in the park, if necessary) as I was no longer invited to attend but that my husband was expected to still do so.

No prizes for guessing who ain't gettin' the carefully designed cross stitch wedding sampler I'd planned for them. The materials were kitted up & said kit was top on my '2008 To Do' pile, but not any more. Nothing will ever be good enough for them.

My shitty week didn't end there. No, it would be asking too much that I could get all unpleasant dealings over on the first day of the week to enjoy the rest of the week in peace.

Do you remember my blog in December about the drama caused by answering an email from a niece in London that I wish I hadn't answered because she read between the lines stuff I didn't say? Well, that issue is still going on, this time because the family is ticked off because I apologised for worrying the daughter when she was so far away & they don't think it is a sincere apology.

I can't win (not that 'win' is the word I'm looking for. This isn't about 'winning', but you know what I mean). I cannot find a way that satisfies these people's expectations of me & I've run out of ideas. Anyone who personally knows me, knows full well that Hell would have frozen over before I apologised if I didn't mean it.

I think the wisest thing to do is quietly retreat from this group & decline further contact with the people involved, even though they are family. Toxic relationships are not to be endured under any circumstance. It might have taken me nearly 50 years to learn this, but learn it I have. The recipients of gifts & apology can do what they want with them. They were given with love & care. Once given they are no longer mine to have to worry about.

I hope your week is going better than mine.



michmolk said...

I feel for you. Family - especially in-laws - can create the most awful issues as we are forced to deal with folk we would never chose to associate with. I hope your hubby is sticking by you.


Rebecca Ross said...

Your beaded jewellery may not be to everyone's taste but it is quite obvious that it is not "cheap crap". You have clearly put a lot of love - time and effort, not to mention money into creating these pieces of art.
I am disgusted at the ungrateful attitude you have been dealing with. I would get them nothing at all for Christmas or any other occasion in the future if this is their attitude. Just disgusting!