Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Not Letting the Grass Grow - Dreamcatcher

Thank you everyone for your encouragement & congratulations for 'Frederick the Literate'. I had wanted to do that project from the moment it was published. You helped greatly even though it was me doing the stitching!
I now desperately need that same encouragement with finishing this project.

I'd like to give it to the Cadet Princess before she starts university in late February.

This is a 'Design Works' kit bought through The Fox Collection. I started it in about July 2002 when I was living alone in Mackay in Central Qld (before I met my husband & moved to Brisbane), put it away after the first flush of enthusiasm, took it out again in October 2006 for a week, & is now my main stitching task for January 2008.

I have to admit that it's my least favourite project by a long shot. I like the look of the finished product but I loathed the chart. Normally, I like black & white charts best, but the limitations of a black & white graph for this project are sad, sad, sad. When I started it, I couldn't tell what colour was what when it came to the feathers. They were only slightly varying thicknesses of lines. Fortunately, I recently managed to buy a colour chart on EBay, so cross your fingers that it all goes swimmingly.

Finishing 'Dreamcatcher' will knock out two major long term UFOs. I can then work with a clear conscience on recent starts.


~Tammy said...

It doesn't look like you have too much left to finish this one.

Every stitch is that much closer to finished. Good luck!

Heidi said...

I really like this one. You seem to be mostly complete with it. :)

Anonymous said...

You're well over half way Bliss. You CAN do this! I think it's a lovely project. Will enlarging the chart help?

'Berta said...

Bliss, with those feathers on the left done, you must have the 'worse' behind you! I love the colours!

Dawn said...

This one is pretty:)

Dawn B. said...

That one is soooo preatty and I know you wanna make the princess happy. I know you will reach your goal of complestion. Looking forword to seeing that.