Saturday, 5 January 2008

Time Flies!

Saw this on another blog and thought it would be interesting to do.

15 years ago, I was...

  1. About to turn 33 years of age, living in Townsville in North Queensland & working at TGH as an RN.
  2. Not long separated from my husband of nearly 13 years, William. He’d decided that I wasn’t doing enough for his career.
  3. Just home from a few weeks at Airlie Beach with the kids. My friends, Derrick & Colleen West had lent me their beach flat for the Christmas season.

10 years ago, I was...

  1. Still living in Townsville.
  2. Just finished my Bachelor of Arts & about to launch into my French Honours year and a Grad B.Ed.
  3. Getting ready for another academic year for both kids & me which would include (for me) an extended stay in Limoges, France.

5 years ago, I was...

  1. 1. Living in Mackay in Central Qld & teaching French & English at one of the local high schools.
  2. Getting to know my new boyfriend, Paul.
  3. Mourning the 1st anniversary of the death of my father, Stanley (28th April 1928 - 5th January 2002).

3 years ago today, I was...

  1. Living with Paul, Gabriella & David in Chapel Hill, Brisbane, for just on a year.
  2. Working at a private school in Forest Lake teaching English & ESL.
  3. Just back from New Year’s Eve in Melbourne with Paul

1 year ago, I was...

  1. Living in the current house for 4 months.
  2. Married to Paul for nearly 5 months.
  3. Visiting my long time friend, Terry, in Rockhampton.

In this past year, I have...

  1. Bought a puppy (Lucy)
  2. Extensively renovated our house.
  3. Decided to go full time and then part time again at work & study part time.

Yesterday, I...

  1. Cross stitched whilst watching the tennis on TV & the rain fall outside.
  2. Played with Lucy
  3. Baked a roll of pork with all the trimmings for dinner.

Today, I will...

  1. Take Gabriella to work at Mt Ommaney & do the grocery shopping whilst I am there.
  2. Spend the rest of the day with Paul because he’s off to Montreal next week
  3. Cook dinner with him & then take Lucy for a walk

Tomorrow, I will ...

  1. Iron
  2. Stitch
  3. Walk Lucy

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