Saturday, 29 March 2008

Get busy living!

So says one of my life's lessons learned. Boy, have I been living! Every week is action-packed with the quotidien (work in all its forms, home care, Lucy, Gypsy, beading & cross stitch) as well as with the extra special (Paul, the kids & friends) so it was nice to take a day off this week & do something totally different.

I gave myself a 'pamper day' on Thursday: a day to catch up with my hairdresser, Cara, for a haircut & colour, a manicure & (more importantly for someone forever on her feet) a pedicure. Then, I toodled over to Indooroopilly to get a wax & polish for the car and a massage for me. Because of the drought, the car hasn't had a wash in months, & I needed to get rid of the kinks in my neck that come from my still-fairly-new exercise routines & still somewhat frozen shoulder. Every minute of that massage was wonderful!

Kathleen Noonan of the Courier Mail newspaper says that women do these kind of pamper activities because they are unhappy. She says that women who have pamper days (particularly manicures) are apparently trying to hide from what makes them unhappy (their clutter, lack of exercise, too much food, child-care guilt, the need to 'have it all') and that women in their 40s are the worst offenders of hiding from reality.

Come off the grass, Kathleen! I don't know where she did her research, but I certainly wasn't asked to participate in any survey. For me, these kinds of activities have little to do with 'finding happiness', but are equivalent to the car's grease and oil change & keeping in touch with how the ever-aging bod is plodding along. This keeping in touch is not a bad idea at all. It's about getting busy living & practising a wellness lifestyle. I want to live a full and interesting life and want to maximise my health levels to do so.

Next month the 'pamper day' will be the annual doc's checkup to coincide with my birthday week. Apart from my frozen shoulder, I've been wonderfully healthy since my influenza & viral pneumonia miseries of September-November 2006. I want to stay that way.

P.S. The kitchen had a pamper day on Friday. I got to work only to be sent home because I wasn't needed, so I attacked every nook & cranny, pot & pan. I didn't want to mess it up to cook dinner on Friday, but Paul brought me back to reality by making tomato soup from all our Autumn tomatoes while I was at beading class today. Tonight's dinner is business as usual. LOL

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Daughter of the Midwest said...

I agree that this Kathleen Noonan needs a wakeup call. The so-called pampering, is as you say, maintenance. And it is not always fun. Evidently she has never attended to 'sandal feet'. (Which means I shudder at the thought of the condition of her 'sandal feet'.) Right now, I need a manicure, pedicure, trim & highlight, eyebrow wax and elbow scrub. (Man that makes me sound frightening!!!!)