Sunday, 2 March 2008


Yesterday was one of those marvelous days when everything was just right.

The nicest part was, of course, waking up to the MOTH's gentle snores beside me. He'd been away all week, first in Melbourne & then in Perth, but got back late on Friday.

The day didn't start quite as early as a weekday because I made the decision that I was not going to exercise on waking (I walked 60km this week). Instead, I wrote a letter to Jocelyne in France to wish her a happy birthday for the 17th (note to self: do it more often cos your French is slipping through lack of practice).

Next, I headed off to beading class with Edith & the crew. I'm enjoying these classes very much (another note to self: do this week's homework or next week's class will be a waste of tuition fees as it's teaching how to finish off all the projects so far started).

20 minutes before the end of the class, The Crown Prince rang to invite me to lunch. How cool was that? His partner is off to Korea on Monday for a 5-week holiday with her family, so we just HAD to have a send off.

Hence the MOTH, Crown Prince, Crown Princess & their consorts and I whiled away three very pleasant hours at the Pig & Whistle at Indooroopilly, having lunch, sipping wine & then delicious coffee.

Afterwards, the MOTH & I went birthday shopping for his future DIL. We thought we'd give gift-giving one more try despite the fiasco with her Christmas gift. I let Paul choose the item. The No 1 son can later whine at him instead of me if he thinks it's crap. We also organised the Easter chocolate for the MOTH's boys (aged 18 to 24 this year) in case he doesn't see them before Easter. Paul's seeing them all next weekend at the engagement party (the one that I was told I was not allowed attend).

Then home to walk the dog (I might choose not to exercise for self on Saturdays, but Lucy can't be neglected), have a quick shower and organise to go out again for an evening at the Cremoynne Theatre, Southbank.

We went to see The Female of the Species and it was hillarious!

Home again, supper for the MOTH & then off to bed. I was exhausted. Sunday's a housework and homework kind of day so that we can start again on Monday.

I hope you had as good a Saturday as me.

Happiness & laughter always,


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