Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Blissful Birthday #48

My MIL, Elaine, gives the most wonderful gifts. She has even inspired a new tradition with the 'big knickers' idea from Christmas 2007. This birthday, I am gobsmacked at how much effort she went to for me.

The model has morning hair & a saggy chin, but she is getting long in the tooth. What you are admiring in this pic is this gorgeous cardigan detail. I am the recipient of a fabulous piece of art. My MIL has had out her knitting needles in honour of my 48th birthday... I love it! Thank you Elaine & Trevor.

Thank you, too, to everyone else who sent me birthday wishes and/or stash. Once I have written thank you notes, I will get it all together and take a photo to add to the site.

I had a lovely birthday. It really started on the Sunday evening with dinner at my favourite Princess Street restaurant where my two eldest daughters & their partners served to the family a feast of all my fave foods (oysters, smoked salmon, blue vein cheese & pumpkin bread for entree; beef strogganoff for mains, cream sponge for dessert). It was a lovely evening.

Then today, The MOTH, donned a suit to take me out to dinner at another fave spot on Southbank.

Everyone has made me feel very special. Thank you.

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Daughter of the Midwest said...

I hope that my card wasn't too late in winging it's way across the sea. Time got away from me. The cardigan is absolutely lovely, it reminds me of some of the hues of Caron's Watercolours. And you yourself are quite lovely too! I wish you many pairs of shoes in your future!