Thursday, 17 April 2008

Off the stitching topic

Don't you just love this new chart from X's and O's? It reminded me of something that occured a few weeks ago. The story goes something like this:

While I was busy at work one day, the MOTH sent me text message: We've been invited to an important work event. Go out and buy yourself a new dress.

I shot him back a reply: Oh goodie, new shoes!!!

The next message took a while. It was as if the MOTH had deliberated for a few minutes about how to ask a tricky question: What is it with women and shoes?

My husband is a simple man. He's lucky I thought of shoes first. I didn't bother replying.

Shoes, handbags, perfume, lipstick, chocolate, cross stitch and diamonds - though not necessarily in that order. What has need got to do with it?

Surely everyone knows that women's shoes are more than just an accessory. Hello! Doesn't the MOTH remember Imelda Marcos and her supposed ownership of own 15 mink coats, 508 gowns, 888 handbags and 1060 pairs of shoes? As I said, he's a simple man. The oldest princess displayed an understanding of the magnetic attraction between a woman and a gorgeous pair of shoes by the time she was 18 months old & able to direct her feet into her mama's shoes.

I believe that one can read the life story of a women by the tye of shoes she has in her wardrobe.

My golden rule of buying shoes goes something like this:

A new outfit equals new pair of pretty but comfortable shoes.
Change of season equals new shoes.
Specialty activities equals specialty shoes.
A day out with one or all of the princesses equals the search for new shoes.
Being happy equals new shoes.
Being sad equals new shoes.
Oh to hell with it! Need has nothing to do with it. Any time is the right time to buy shoes!

One can tell if a woman is happy, sad, frustrated, active or disinterested in life. Maybe a psychotherapist should visit a woman's wardrobe before s/he interviews a new client. It'd save Medicare a fortune!

The first thing that my wardrobe tells the observer is that, apart from a pair of wedding shoes dating from 1980 & some golf shoes that I wear once in a while, I don't keep shoes that I don't wear often. The second thing is that I have pretty shoes, but none with super high heals because I've got to be able to walk and dance in them. Despite the practical nature of heal height, looking in my wardrobe is like reading a series of happy events from the past 3 to 5 years.

Let me see ...

There are two pairs of wedding shoes (self explanitory), the red shoes I bought while out for the day with the Cadet Princess in Berlin, the Sydney sandals I bought with my mother- and sister-in-law in December, the Perth shoes I wear to work & to Southbank on Friday nights, the shoes I bought to wear to opening night of 'Notre Dame de Paris' in Singapore, my 'Circus Soleil with Marg & Mike' shoes, a pair of birthday sandals, the red christmas shoes that the MOTH gave me last year to go with a gorgeous red handbag, the brown boots for a romantic getaway to Tasmania, 3 pairs of sports shoes (one for indoors aerobics, one for taking Lucy for walks in the park, & one for wearing in the garden), 2 pairs of ballroom dancing shoes & two pairs of shoes (one black & one brown) that I wear day to day when I'm not in the mood for making a shoe statement, which, I guess, is a statement in itself ...

Handbags, diamonds, lipsticks, they too tell a story, but I've save that for another time.

Happiness & laughter always,



~Tammy said...

Perfectly stated!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Hmmm being a girl with foot issues... shoes just don't tempt me. I must be sick in the head right?

Bliss said...

No, you are not at all sick in the head for not liking shoes. I don't like chocolate or perfume. I'm not fond of sweet foods & my sinuses can't handle smells too well.

Chiloe said...

I'm not a big shoes fan either but I guess it has something to do with how we see our feminity but my princess is like yours: At around 18 mo , she loved shoes and still does at 7 yo. ( with hand bags, make up , etc ... ) So I really think it is link with feminity and how you father looks at you .

Alberta said...

Despite wearing shoes every day, I don't own many. My workout ones, casual sneakers for trips around town,garden clogs, and a couple of slides. I so dread shoe shopping!

Looking forward to details on this big event! Enjoy yourselves.

Dawn B. said...

Your analogy of that is just astonishing. What was the Moth thinking...LOL

Name: Vicki said...

Oh, I do love reading your posts! There is always so much humor in your writing! I, too, am not a big shoe person. And it must run in the family, because DD would never wear shoes when she was little - really not just when she was little! lol She's more into shoes now than I am. Have a great day, and keep up the humorous writing!!

Janine said...

Oh I love shoes but alas my feet don't. I loved all sorts of shoes in my youth. Now I have to have very flat shoes that are cushioned everywhere or I can't wear them and if my feet hurt I can't get the legs to work either. Loved the blog. Thank you bliss for your wonderful words that always bring a smile to my face.