Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday evening ...

It's Friday evening and we have been home for 10 days already! The grass hasn't had a chance to grow. We've had our friend, Judy, stay for about 4 days, & had a dinner party for 10 people on Monday night, lunch with my Townsville friend, Betty, on Wednesday, we've brought Harry home (he's a planned puppy), organised the painting & tiling of our living room & library (Birkshire White is so much better than a dull green) & even found time for a job interview for next term's teaching. It has been a long week, really. I hope everyone else has had a good one!

Harry is such a delight. Poor ol' Lucy is exhausted - her eyes are positively red-rimmed. The puppy has run the Luce ragged (though when we mentioned a walk in the morning, Luce got all excited). Gypsy is in control! LOL That darned cat is not the slightest bit phased by a new dog in the household.

Tonight, we are having a quiet night at home sipping wine and watching a film. Paul has had an incredibly busy week at work & didn't get in until nearly 7pm. We're watching Mary Poppins (gosh I love London!). To be honest & to put it into perspective: Paul's snoring to the music of said film. Remember it (the film, I mean - Paul's snoring is another story all together)? Paul has had an urge to watch The Sound of Music (probably cos we saw a stage production of My Fair Lady whilst we were in Toronto), but we don't have it on dvd.

What plans for the weekend? We have none at this point except to decide between Jodphurs & barrister white for a paint colour. Paul's off to Perth then Melbourne on Monday for the week, so we are making the most of time together.

Next week, I've got a family busy time because the Living Doll celebrates her 22nd birthday on Wednesday, the Crown & Cadet Princesses have uni exams & William is gonna be in town.

Oh what a wonderful life we lead. More news soon.

Bliss xoxo

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Daughter of the Midwest said...

You saw My Fair Lady on the staqe?!?! You lucky Aussie you!!! I adore that story, whether written, live or filmed.