Saturday, 7 June 2008

Here Comes Trouble!

Meet our new puppy.

This little man's name is Henry Bullwinkle Davies - AKA 'Harry'. We wanted to call him 'Oliver Bullwinkle Davies' but it seems that that's already taken - the 'Oliver' part is, I mean. 'Oscar' & 'Jasper' were hot contenders on the list of possibilities. The MOTH & I have a fundamental difference of opinion in names for animals. I like proper names. He doesn't. And no, Harry Potter has nothing to do with the choice.

Is puppy cute or what?

He was born on the 3rd April, & brought home today, aged 9 weeks.

Gypsy Cat's intestines are gonna explode when she comes back from her holiday at 'Princess Street'!

In contrast, Lucy probably thinks all her Christmases have come at once. Well, that is until she realises that she's doing the night shift with him tonight! All the literature about labradors is that it's best to get a second dog whilst the first is quite young. This avoids 'jealousy' (for want of a better word). Lucy is 12 months old. Having said that, there is no equality, there is no democracy with dogs. There has to be a dominant dog; there has to be a subordinate dog. It won't take long to work out who's who.

Reality tells me our beautiful garden will never be the same again. Fortunately, The MOTH & I already spend a lot of time with Lucy in our local park just down the street.


michmolk said...

I like Jasper - has a nice ring to it ;)

Daughter of the Midwest said...

Harry is adorable!!! I think that Henry Bullwinkle Davies is quite a distinguished name. Oscar would have been a good choice. My dog was Jessica James Beeler aka Jessie. Dinky has no other name than Dinky Beeler, and if you met her, you would see how it fits. Their mother was (this was my Mom's thing) Molly McDougal Malone O'Shay Beeler aka (from my Dad) Doodlebug. Thankfully, even though she could have been registered, she wasn't , there wouldn't have been enough room!!!

~Tammy said...

Your life just a lot busier, but filled a lot more cute and more puppy kisses. They are the best.

Good luck to kitty and her intestines. LOL