Wednesday, 4 June 2008

We're Back!

The trip to Canada was fabulous. The MOTH & I had a marvelous time. We wined & dined our way East to West across the country, but thanks to a regime of walking at least 5 miles every day, we came back a little fitter than when we left.

As the days pass, I recover from jetlag & deplete the mountain of laundry, I'll post pictures of people we met, flowers we saw & places we visited.

Meanwhile, the life of more ordinary times (sounds like I'm describing the Liturgical Year) starts again next Tuesday when The MOTH goes back to work. Before then, we have a long weekend for Queen's birthday coming up (that woman has a lot of birthday celebrations around the globe each year, doesn't she?) & a buddy coming to stay for 4 nights.

Oh, & just so that you know, today is Hug Your Cat Day. Go ahead and give your cat a big, furry hug. Gypsy's hug will have to wait until she comes back from 'Princess Street' - i.e. the home of my 2 eldest daughters & the crown princess's consort. Miss Cat has lived a life of luxury & warmth while we were away.

Right now, it's off to do a little blog surfing to see what you have all been up to while we were gone!

Happiness & laughter always,



Daughter of the Midwest said...

I am so glad that you all had a fab time! Since all my cats are at the farm, will have to settle for you giving Miss Cat an extra one for me.

michmolk said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip :)