Sunday, 30 November 2008

Some days are just a waste of make-up

and I'm having a string of them one-after-the-other. The storm damage is all much worse than we thought. We have a fan and a dehumidifier in our bedroom & the office blowing away for the next two weeks (they've already been going for days!). Our electricity bill is going to go through what's left of the roof (pardon the pun). 18 tiles on the roof need replacing, damage to under eaves where water has soaked through needs to be dealt with, walls and ceilings (or parts thereof) need to be replaced in the bedroom, walk-in-robe, the office and parts of the hallway. These rooms will also need repainting (I'd just finished them in the last year). The floorcovering needs replacing in the bedroom (fortunately, the rest was tiled & as long as the tile glue holds, all will be well).

On a professional level, my exams due to be sat this week have been postponed until February. My work computer & my books and notes got wet twice & I've had to get uni to send more stuff to prepare for them(for want of a better word). Assignments are almost finished, fortunately. By the end of the week, I'll be back to almost where I was 2 weeks ago. Recently, I didn't even make it to interview stage of a job I really wanted. It seems that I haven't got enough experience even though I've been doing the same kind of job since 2002. Of course, they then hired a grad with no experience at all! I don't know why I bother to try any more.

Consequently, long before the end of April comes, I will be renaming the blog to something like 'Life's a catastrophe'. I'm very down at the moment on some levels but continuing to shine on others. I can't see an end to the renovation nightmare & I doubt I will ever be employed full time again, but we are well & still very content with each other. I'm so over renovations! I can't stand the junk (furniture, clothes, books off the shelves, pictures from the walls) from the damaged rooms being all over the rest of the house while we wait for things to dry. It's going to be like this for about 4 months, I'm told. At least I'm still alive. Hope would really be gone, otherwise.

The MOTH, who is not handy at all, wants to go on holidays to get away from everything for a while. He likes the good life, not the maintenance of it. I'm glad that he has gone to Sydney for the week for work. I don't want to go on vacation until all is back to order again. I want to get jobs done around the house that have been waiting for a strong available man to help. Help from tradespeople is not gonna happen any time soon.

I'll send you a post from wherever we end up! The MOTH earns more money than I do & has had a busy work year. He needs the break.

Happiness & laughter to one and all. Next time I blog, I'll tell you about the crazy Christmas preparations that start happening next week. I can't believe that we're doing it all still. LOL


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