Friday, 14 November 2008

Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful support, dear friends.

Exams are just around the corner, so for the next few weeks I'm going to be burning the midnight oil with my nose in the books.

There'll be no time set aside for stitching or blogging (reading or writing). I hope you understand & don't think that I'm ignoring you.

Keep those stitchy fingers flying while I'm away. When all is done on the 5th December, I'm sure to be in the mood for a feast of blog activity.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,



Chiloe said...

Hope you do good in your exams !!!

Too bad you cannot come in another date in Paris ...

Chiloe said...

and I hope we do meet when you will come, ok?

Alberta said...

Sending good vibes your way as your write your exams!

Margaret said...

Good luck with all your studying and of course exam time. Sending good thoughts your way.

Love this picture - you really must stitch it!!

Sent you an email this morning (in case you still have time to read it before 12/5.(LOL)


Anonymous said...

You go girl! Good luck :o)

stitcherw said...

Good luck with the exams and we'll look forward to catching up with you once they're over.

Sally said...

Good luck for your exams.

So sorry to read about the storm damage to your house. {{{{hugs}}}}