Monday, 29 December 2008


Guess what's visting us right now?

It's just rain, even though winds were predicted. I suspect it will do the garden good rather than the house any damage. The days are hot++

The nights are close feeling - you know that humidity where you feel like you are breathing under water?

We walk early in the mornings (everything to combat the Christmas spread) and swimming in the afternoons. I'm humouring The MOTH by putting on the air-co during the day, even though I will have to go back to work without one in a few weeks.

Harry has just learned how to swim, so today we played 'fetch' with Lucy and Harry in the pool. They will sleep really well tonight! LOL

Life's pretty good at Castle Bliss.


michmolk said...

Oh no! The storm hit us too - I hope you didn't suffer too much *hugs*

Alberta said...

I hope there are no more storms in your foreseeable future. All the best in 2009 to you and your family!