Sunday, 8 February 2009

Queen of the Seas - Update No 10

Apologies for the dreadful pic, folks

Perhaps I shouldn't be updating. More study, more study! Truth be told, I'm so over study that a break is desperately needed. Not that I've done enough stitching to warrent an update. I just really needed to make contact with your folks, once more.

Here is my tiny effort over the last few weeks.

On the personal front, I've got to make choices that I'd rather not make. My MIL and my sister are both celebrating important birthdays with a party on the same day (which is neither's actual birthday) but 600km apart. What do I do? Do I celebrate my MIL's 80th birthday or do I celebrate my sister, Jane's, 50th? I'm torn. What would you do, folks?

Happiness & laughter to one and all,



Lou's addictions said...

I love seeing your updates on this project. She is a beauty. On the b'day party front... go to your sisters party your MIL will understand.

Chiloe said...

Great progress !!! YOu are almost done.

What do you study?

For the birthdays, it is very hard as your MIL won't be celebrating many more birthdays with a party but at the same time, 50 is also important. I understand you are torn and I will be too. It seems people in your family love to give you hard time with date ( like the wedding at the same time of your parisian trip ...) I hope you'll choose the right solution and that nobody will be mad ...

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's beautiful! You're doing really well on her.

Definitely your sisters birthday party. Blood and all that.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your Queen of the Seas is gorgeous, love to see your updates.
Look like your family members are not very cooperative. :-( Whichever you choose won't be a perfect choice. My advice - Stay at home and stitch - it will be less stressful for both ladies.

Sharon said...

You have made amazing progress on this! You will be finished before you know it. I say send your DH to MIL and you go to your sister's party!

Shelleen said...

she is looking awesome. I say send DH to your MIl and you go to your sisters birthday.

wendy said...

i'd chose my sisters..MIL should understand. but my inlaws being Korean..they make a BIG celebration out of I'd have to talk my sis into changing and going to MIL's..hope things work out! great progress!

stitcherw said...

I think you've made a nice bit of progress, especially with all you have going on. Sometimes taking a break from studying is the best thing, your mind can rest a bit and go back refreshed. As to which party to attend, tough choice. I agree with those that suggested your DH goes to your MIL and you go to your sister's. No decision will make everyone happy, but I think that one will be the most understood and the least stressful (and probably most enjoyable) for you in the long run.

Margaret said...

She looks sooooo beautiful.

What a difficult decision. Knowing my sisters they would understand me going to my MIL's 80th. On the other hand there may be folks there you would just as soon not see. What does the MOTH think?

Stitchingranny said...

If you are close to your sister I am sure she would understand far better than MIL the difficulty you are in also MIL may not have too many more special birthdays and hopefully you will be able to celebrate other birthdays with your sister. It is always so hard when there are conflicting interests in families.

We have been hearing about the devastating fires in Australia and I do hope that you and yours are in a safe place. Thinking of you.

Chars said...

Thats such a hard question - Whomever you choose will be happy and the other unhappy.

What does MOTH think? Would he go to his mums party alone?

I'm tempted to tell you to stay home - lock the doors - take the phones off the hook - grab a nice bottle of ? and stitch... LOL

Do what you feel is right in your heart hon...

BTW - your stitching is looking supurb :) Hugs as always!! Chars x

wendy said...

i gave u an award!

Anonymous said...

Pretty girl!! Love to see your blog!!
Cross stitch

Nicole and Phil said...

this is looking terrific!
well done!

Judith said...

Your stitching looks great.
I would say you should go to your sisters birthday and maybe send you husband to your MIL.