Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Hi All.

Remember me? I'm the person to whom many of you have sent a letter almost you thinking that it was going to the big black hole of 'nowhere'. Thanks everyone for persisting.

I've finally come up for air this week. It's Autumn break and I have bought stamps and intend to put pen to paper and write.

Not that there's lot to write about.

I think the media forgets about women of a certain age simply because our lives are like Forest Gump says: one peanut butter sandwich after the other. Not all of us can be like Madonna and dump our rich and rather dishy husband for a signifcantly younger and dirtier married man, buy another baby, submit to more physical torture in either a gym or under the surgeon's knife to look better OR buy a 13 bedroom (train shaken) mansion in Manhatten.

No, no. If you are like me, the kids are less dependent (though they come and raid the fridge or pantry now and again on weekenends). You are quietly enjoying the change of the season, looking forward to wearing different clothes (albeit ones you wore in years past & are secretly relieved they still fit), contemplating potting mix, how the pets will adapt to the weather and trying out new recipes for the man you've been keeping happy since Madonna was married to Sean Penn.

It's truly a beautiful life. Yes we miss the kids and wish we had the $$ that Madoon has (cos it's obviously not keeping her happy) and our boobs are sinking ever south further than our Triumph bras can rescue, but what the heck! LOL

I won't write more now. I'll go attack the pile.

Warmest post-Easter wishes to one and all.

Felicity in Brisbane, Australia.

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