Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Lost (tongue in cheek)

I'm a drama queen! Oh woe is me!
To skip my feable attemps at humour and to read the real news, scroll to *!

Sorry folks,

I'm not stitching anything at the moment, though I have done about three rows of knitting.

I seem to have lost my magnifying glasses, emboidery scissors AND my stitching mojo.

I know that this is careless of me, but I've put all of them down somewhere & cannot remember where. Not that I can see anything once I put it down, these days ...

If I've left them at your house or you find them aimlessly wandering in your neighbourhood, can you send them back to me here asap, please, because I have three shelves of stash waiting at home to be stitched!

"What have you been doing with yourself?" you might ask.

I've been busy.

I've been sulking, moaning and groaning.

I've fogged up every mirror in my house from all the sighing I've done.

I've stopped answering the phone, chatting, reading emails and quaffing red wine. Even shoe shopping with the princesses hasn’t cheered me up.

I've watched 5 seasons each of House M.D. and NCIS. Usually, I rarely watch Tv (by the way, Hugh Laurie is the spitting image of my brother!).

I've been swearing a lot. Lucy, Harry & Gypsy run for cover ever time they hear the phrase “Oh (choose your favourite rude word and insert)!”

The most creative thing I’ve done lately is switched the colour of the pen I use to do maths homework.

Worst of all, I’ve even been tempted to throw away my old cross stitch mags because I can’t stand being reminded of all my unrealised dreams.

*Quite seriously folks, life's pretty good. I've just been busy doing other things: family, studies, etc; and coping with the usual winter bugs (one of which meant that all alcohol was off the menu).

The last week in July, my youngest daughter, aka the Cadet Princess, arrived back in Brisbane after a 6 week work placement in New Zealand. She lives away from home all the year round, but having her overseas (again) made her seem further away than ever.

The last weekend in July was our 3rd annual Christmas-in-July get together with friends and family. The MOTH & I held three separate events: dinner on Saturday night for 12, breakfast for 3 of my siblings and their spouses (three other sibs couldn't make it because they weren't in Brisbane), and lunch for the Royal Family & their partners. Each event was great fun, but a lot of work. By Sunday evening, I was so tired that I was incapable of conjugating a verb! LOL. The MOTH says that he enjoyed the Saturday night do so much that he now wants to make it twice yearly (maniacal laughter from the cook).

Here are a few family pics from Sunday:

The Crown Princess with her Consort

The Cadet Princess & Crown Prince

The Crown Prince with his Birthday Princess

My Living Doll
(the Middle Princess)

and The MOTH & his fat wife
(I'll feel better about this pic in 5 years time, no doubt)

Let's hope you have your mojo safe and well and that it's not off holidaying with mine & that you, too are doing interesting things in other aspects of your lives.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,



Chars said...

Oh Felicity... All I can do is offer a hug :) Hope you find your mojo soon

hugs x

Alberta said...

I love that photo of you & MOTH!!! As for the lost will show up again in due time...don't beat yourself up for doing other life! lol
Take care Felicity @-}--

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you! I am in the same slump with my stitching as you are no mojo.
However, I did get to spend time with my Uncle and Aunt in Virginia for a few days. Then we headed to Maine and New Hampshire to visit my DH's family. We were gone for 5 weeks. We had a blast and I want to do it again.
I am sure our desires for stitching will return sooner than we think.

Brigitte said...

I'm in a stitching slump at least once a year. And it always goes away after a while. Will be the same with you. There are so many other things in life that are fun, too.