Saturday, 22 August 2009

Panda Days - 11 hours of stitching

A week or so ago, I introduced readers to a cute little panda published in the October 2009 (Issue number 129) of Cross Stitch Crazy. Above is my progress after 11 hours of stitching (pardon for the yellow tinge. I took the photo at 6am so the light was not too good). He's already quite cute, isn't he?

Other updates - my embroidery scissors are found! They were hiding (point up) in the veritable paradise of the bottom of the Useless SAL Vase that sits at my feet when I stitch. It was only that I kicked the vase over the other day that I found them.

Off Topic But Big News ...

It's amazing how a week changes everything in one's life. I said to The MOTH on Monday evening, the 10th, that I was going to investigate a position vacant at one of the local high schools - one that is fondly known as the College of Nerds. Long story short, a phone call the next day secured an interview for the Thursday (Wednesday was a public holiday) and then a start on Friday, the 14th. So much to everyone's surprise because I said Hell would have to freeze over before I did it, I'm back teaching three classes a week (which is a 3/5 load that translates to working full time all week, but having weekends and evenings off).

But that's not all, folks ...

On Wednesday this week, The MOTH came in after work and told me that we are not going to Paris for my birthday next year, after all. There wouldn't be enough time.

"Pick at date this December and I will book tickets right now, while the fares are cheap and accommodation is available," he announced.

So, right then and right there at the kitchen bench while I cooked lasagne, he forked out for two air tickets for almost a month in Paris from the 20th December! How cool is that? Our job this weekend is to book an apartment. I want to stay in the 13me arrondisement where I lived when I was in Paris in 1997. The MOTH may have other ideas...

Meanwhile, as if you want to hear the mundane after those announcements, doggy walks now start at 4.45am (about 4km on work days and 8km on weekends). Lucy & Harry are in Heaven as far as their lives are concerned because they get more to eat on big walk days, sleep in the laundry at night (because it's winter) and they get to run hard and fast in the park on weekdays because all other dogs are still asleep in their warm beds and there is no need for a lead.

Gypsy is not so pleased. She used to sleep in the laundry, didn't she? Her nose is so put out that now and then she goes and plonks herself in the middle of the dog bed just to stir up trouble for bedtime. A blanket on the sofa in the family room must be a poor substitute.

... and that's my news. The MOTH has finished his rowing session (he's on a health kick & looking as trim as a 20 year old) so it's off weekend trekking the streets for us both.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,

Felicity xoxo


Alberta said...

Felicity - you lucky woman! Your MOTH is so precious to do that for you both...I know it will be a fabulous trip. Now to plan your travel wardrobe, what to do & see, where to eat...and SHOP!!!!

This couldn't have happened to a nicer person! ENJOY!

CindyMae said...

Your progress looks fantastic! Love the little Panda! TUSAL is looking great. That is BIG news that you had. Congrats on the teaching job, even though you said you would never do it again! LOL What a wonderful MOTH you have there! That is awesome news about your trip.

omashee aka Barb said...

May I borrow your MOTH to train my DH? I'm so jealous! Paris at Christmas! Drool!!!
Congrats on the new job and your Panda is coming along nicely.

Chiloe said...

Paris !!!! Yeah !!! I'm very happy for you both ;-) One month is plenty of time to visit everyhting and enjoy your time there !!! It may be a little cold though.

I love your panda bear , is he a panda?

Margaret said...

Wow Felicity - that is a lot of absolutely amazing news.

A whole month in Paris is going to be wonderful. Just imagine going to all your old haunts and sharing them with the MOTH.

Congratulations on the new job. You are going to be busy, busy - but in a good way.

Panda is a sweetie!! Glad you didn't find your scissors sticking out of the palm of your hand.

hugs, Margaret

Name: Vicki said...

I know it's been a long time since you've heard from me, but I am still out here! I wanted to let you know I'm posting again. Please "drop over" if you can. I'm SO jealous - a trip to Paris! That's great! Your new start is so cute! Have a great day!

Chars said...

WOW - congratulations on all of your news :) So happy for you. A month in Paris - woooo hoooo! Did you get your way with the accomadation???