Wednesday, 18 November 2009


It has been a while!

Thank you to those wonderful people who sent Romeo and Juliet texts. The students were thrilled with them. Your generosity always continues to amaze me.

Neither stitching nor blogging (writing or reading) has been done here since September. These days, I don't seem to be able to work at school, keep a home, walk the dogs, stitch and blog all in the same week span. Sadly, I don't have the same abilities as I had when trying to be Supermum to four teenagers. The adrenaline rush has passed.

Ah well. Things change. I'm off to Paris on the 28th November for seven glorious weeks of summer holidays in a winter climate (read: romance, nice food, French culture and professional development).

The MOTH (who should be renamed The MNAH - the man never at home - with all the travel he has done in the last 5 months) is going to get a chance to miss me, for a change. He has a meeting in Paris in November and one in London a few weeks later, but he has to return to Brisbane (to work) in between times. Hopefully, he will stay in Paris for a few weeks from Christmas.

Anyway, who wants a visit? I have a few free weekends for train travel if anyone is game! Email me and we will arrange something.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,