Thursday, 21 January 2010

Friendship Happy Dance

Hello everyone. I'm home!

It's unbelieveably hot, I'm jetlagged and I'm suffering from 'what next?' syndrome, but hey it's good to be back home again (one could make up a song that goes like that, huh?).

The house is a mess! Obviously, no one has done any housework in Castle Bliss since about August 2009 when the Drama Queen who lives here took herself off to work at School for Nerds. I cannot believe the paper clutter and dog hair which have accumulated in cracks and under tables that I haven't noticed for the last 6 months. Sigh.

Time to clean up. I put on my specs and took a serious look around on Tuesday ... and got distracted by the arrival of a month's worth of mail.

So what's the picture here all about? It's a happy dance that I've never declared even though I finished it some time back in 2006. It was just a quick stitch that, despite its size, only took about 10 days to do. It lives in a drawer in the spare room because I'll never be able to afford to frame it.

I've dragged it out today in celebration of all it represents - friendship. I've spent the last 48 hours going through the mail I have received from cross stitchers around the world since I started this blog. Some of it I didn't know that I had because the flood from late November 2008 meant that the house went into 'hybernation' for a couple of months and The MOTH carefully packed it in a 'safe place' (you know the story). As I sorted through the current stash of Christmas friendship mail and stowed it for safe keeping, I found the other box of about 20 letters.

Thank you, people, for your letters and cards and gifts over the years. In life, it's not just what you do that counts, but with whom you do it. 2009 will go down as the year of stupendously hard work (studying, teaching, house repairs and dragging myself around after The MOTH and his cruel work schedules). It has all been worth it when I read your letters of friendship and encouragement. I teach part time so that I can spend more time with The MOTH when he's around. I stitch AND I blog even though blogging uses up valuable stitching time because of the friendships I've formed with people who do the same. Together we make the yearly travel around the Sun something worth doing as we 'talk' about our lives and our happenings. My long ago friend, Roz, taught me the value of friendships like ours and how they do good in both directions of the friendship. We also keep the family GP worrying about the big stuff while we work out the small stuff together. Thank you!

I'm slowly getting through the pile, rereading your letters and replying to each in turn. Be patient with me because I'm probably going to take some time to get through it all.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,



Alberta said...

My dear Felicity, you have had the greatest adventure in Paris, you enjoy your time coming back to reality and all the dust bunnies that go with it! lol I love that you know the name of the piece and the designer?

Wishing you all the best in 2010!

Catswhiskers said...

Welcome back your castle m'lady!!
Take your time and enjoy... the cleaning.
I feel the same when I go home and notice the cat's hair around... it's nice though!

Wendy said...

ai, it must take forever to clean a complete castle, lol !
well, just get started and you'll get it done, no worries !
your finished looks great, a belated but well deserved bravo !

Anonymous said...

pace yourself with the house-work, Felicity, you know how ever fast you vacuum dog hair there will still be more tomorrow ^^

Heidi said...

Welcome home! Don't overdue yourself with the housework, just do a little each day. Congrats on your finish too. Any ideas on what you will start next next?

Brigitte said...

Enjoy being back home and cherish all your wonderful memories of your stay in Paris.
The frindship heart looks so gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will stitch next.