Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Gee, I'm gonna miss you, darling!

The MOTH and I have been having a running (tongue in cheek) conversation about finances, this, last week or so. It goes something like:

"You spend $X on lunches five days per week, so I can spend the same amount on cross stitch stash, right?"


"I've spent $XYZ on my wine collection, today, Mme Bliss. That must translate into a kit or two from 1-2-3-Stitch, huh?"


The reality is that lunch & pocket money versus stash money cannot be equitable because that wouldn't leave enough room in our house for both stash AND The MOTH. Much as I love cross stitch I love The MOTH more. I'd miss him if trips to Woop Woop meant that he couldn't come home again because of lack of storage space. LOL

It has, however, kept us amused as we sip a glass of wine on our front veranda in the evenings watching the sun set over the hills.

What kinds of similar (totally without use) conversations do you have with the Man of the House, chez toi?

Claire, The MOTH is hoping you are on his side rather than pro-stash. LMAO


Anonymous said...

ah storage space (or lack of) - well there's something I could write pages on ^^ . . . as a hamster-cross stitcher I have hoards of stash in the most unlikely places ^^

Alberta said...

I love that conversation! I was just discussing stuff like that with my significant other, and said it was cheaper than therapy! He didn't know what to say! I love my man and I love my life!!!!