Wednesday, 16 June 2010

UFO = destined to float around unfinished for an eternity

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support! Your emails and blog comments are, as always, encouraging. I'm stitching about 4 hours per week at the moment. To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm doing with myself. Life's one peanut butter sandwich after another (read: dog walk, gym visit, house clean, doctor's appointment, grocery shopping trip, visit with off-spring, job application). Pretty ordinary, really.

About the only real news is that we went to a family wedding in mid-May (no permission yet to post pics of the bride and groom, unfortunately) and The MOTH is again well after weeks of post-op recuperation. Phew! I feel like a wet rag this week. I decided to spend a day in bed just because my leg muscles were too sore to be bothered getting out of it. How lazy is that? Don't start worrying about anything. I'm fine, happy and having fun. It's nothing complicated. I just had a chance to do it (something I rarely do). As much as anything, it's getting colder by the day (winter is here) and I had a chance for an escape from Lucy and Harry who follow me around day in and day out. LOL

A Quaker Christmas - Update No. 7

It's just over half way but I have put it away for a little while.

Grand Marquoir - Update No. 3

Goodness knows what I've been doing with my time, lately, but obviously it hasn't been looking at the calendar in my cell phone. Yesterday I found a note to self that read: June 30, 2010 - finish the Vautier Grand Marquoir Sampler.

Yeah. Right. It's not going to happen, folks. June 30 is only two and a half weeks away! For now, the Grand Marquoir Sampler is in my UFO (read: I've put it down for a while but not for eternity) pile. That's not to say that I've not worked on it at all, I've simply put it down for a while ...

September 2009

June 2010

Medieval Town Mandala -Update No. 2

At the same time that I found the edict on my phone about GM, I found another: December 31, 2010 - finish Medieval Town Mandala. This one is more than possible and I should do it, but do I really want to finish it by then? I thought I did. I even worked on it all last week, even though I hadn't yet read my phone notes. We'll have to wait and see. It is one of my all-time-favourite designs but it is currently been pushed out in favour of Mermaids of the Deep Blue Sea.

September 2009

June 2010

I guess you could say that I've got a rotation going (GM, MTM, A Quaker Christmas and now the MDBS). I rotate just enough that the fore-mentioned 'eternity' doesn't quite get reached. Pathetic! LOL


What can I say about the mermaids? I love the sampler and I hate it. I have already started it twice on two different pieces of fabrics (it seems a super easy stitch) and both projects have been abandonned. I think the problem is that the colours don't work together for me. I don't like the recommended fabrics with the floss and I haven't found a better piece of fabric. Or maybe I have... I have taken a leaf out of Paula's example and changed the floss colours. "The colours where?" you may ask. Wait and see. At this point, I'm thinking of swapping the yellow-greens of the mermaid 'dresses' to blues, the green fins to purples and the blue fins to greens. I might stitch a couple of changes and get opinions. Then again, I might even go coral reef for the dresses since I spent most of my adult life until quite recently living in coastal cities near the reef. LOL. Keep your fingers crossed, stitchers, I'm going in!

By the way, I found this while surfing for ideas, pardon the pun. Though I cannot remember who did it, I love it! The stitcher has put in lots of thought and effort.

From reading this blog entry, I guess you could say that life's kinda floating along and my stitching choices are ecclectic. It's semester break at uni, Winter break at school and I'm home most days. I'm trying to plan some cross stitch work from my stash supply and have too much from which to choose. I like mermaids and Christmas and most things Joan Elliott or Isabelle Vautier. The Medieval Town Mandala is unique. I like it but I loathe Martina Weber designs, in general, and simply cannot understand how the woman designs cross stitch patterns but never stitches models of her work to see if they work as well on fabric as they do on the computer screen before publishing them (particularly when the last online class I saw was some enormous sum like 74 Euros/$125+AUD).

Happiness & laughter to one and all,



Shelley said...

Sounds like you had a great day of lounging!!

Maybe you should stitch something small and quick to get a feeling of accomplishment with a quick finish?!

Felicity said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm a BAP girl, Shelley, and while I put things down for a wee while, I almost always finish them within a two year start. I do one small thing a year (this year was 'Time Out', last year was 'Lettres a Mon Chat'). My only frustration with stitching at the moment is that I don't like yellow-green for mermaids.

Unknown said...

Best of luck. I have two BAP's going and even those don't look so exciting.

Alberta said...

Stay well Felicity. I just realized that you are approaching your winter as we near our summer solstice.

I like your deadlines you give yourself. I've never thought of that before as a stitching tool...I'm going to try that and try rotating my projects to keep them fresh.

I love your colour thoughts on the mermaid project! You have a good eye for what works.

Wendy said...

I do know how frustrating it is when the clolrs just don´t seem right.
I had that on the castle and it took me like forever to figure it out !
and I have a few charts that I want to do, but I feel they need some changing here and there, but I haven´t figured out what, and where......

if you get tired of easy flowing life, just let me knwo, I´d be happy to swap !

just fow a day I do think....

Anonymous said...

As you know I'm also stitching Mermaids of the Deep Blue. I'm looking forward to seeing yours with the colour change.

Loving your Chatelaine. They look sooo difficult to stitch but they look so fabulous IRL.

Wish you could remember where you found that picture of the mermaid with all the dolphins and fish. I'd really like to read about that one and how she came about it/which charts she used. Looks fab doesn't it.

MaryT said...

Felicity beautiful stitching, I especially like the Christmas Quaker sampler

stitcherw said...

Great projects, you sure do like the large involved ones. They are all so different, so when you rotate or just go to pick one to work on, you're a getting nice selection to choose from. Loved your earlier finish you mentioned Lettres a Mon Chat, one of these days I hope to get that design so I can stitch it too. I've always had a couple of cats at any period of time, so it's perfect for me (not to mention being such a fun one in and of itself). I'd pick blues to do it in.