Friday, 2 July 2010

It's all related to water!

Castle Bliss Renovation &
Mermaids of the Deep Blue Sea (MoDBS)

Scroll down to see MoDBS

Out with the last of the pink!

We're on the home-run of renovations. The previous owner of our house (now fondly refered to as Castle Bliss because it stands at the top of a steep hill where we can sit on our veranda and watch the world go by) painted all the walls, tiled the floors and even had the kitchen and laundy cupboards built in salmon pink! The carpets were grey white or beige, both non-descript colours, depending on what area in the house they were. While somewhat old hat, it looked quite nice except that all the window frames are classic cream. The pink is now all gone.

Before: Laundry (there's nothing structurally wrong with it except that it needs a new tub and the tiles were stuck on the floor with wall glue rather than floor tile glue and therefore starting to lift.

The Bathroom: That's a short and narrow bath, even for the short people of the world, like me! The MOTH likes a tub too and his long frame simply cannot squeeze in without his legs up the wall.

The shower on the other side of the vanity basin (not shown) leaked into two walls (fortunately, it hasn't had much use since the Cadet Princess went to university 2.5 years ago), so it had to go and even part of the frame removed and replaced. There was also old but treated termite damage some time in the past before we bought the house in one of these walls, as well, so it's a good thing we went back to base.

Bathroom: End of Day 3 ... Everything's ripped out and the problematic walls have been fixed up.

Laundry: End of Day 3 - plumbing for the new tub (which is larger) and a new back door to let in some light.

Now the important stuff...

Mermaids of the Deep Blue Sea (MoDBS)

What you have here are two examples of colour.
The green is the designer's choice. The blue is mine.

Here you can see the blue in detail. I'm still not 100% sure about it, but in my opinion it's a vast improvement on the two first attempts using the designer's choice of colour.
What do you think? Tell me even if you don't like it.

That's your lot for today. It's back to watching fit young men work, for me. LOL

Happiness & laughter to one and all and a great weekend!



Wendy said...

wauw, you´ve done a lot of work on the house !
I know all to well about the mess, and the things you find along the way that need fixing to, but keep yiur eyes on the end result,and it will be worth it !

as for the mermaids, I have that chart, and am planning to stitch them to.
however, I have desiced to stitch them on a darker blue fabric, so that does work with the original green colors as charted.

I really think you need to stitch a bit more of the blue to form a good opinion.
but that is just my idea !

Alberta said...

Don't you have a lovely huge bathroom window! I am so jealous!

I associate all shades of rich blues with water and mermaids so your blue choice would be my choice also!

Enjoy supervising those fit young men!

Carolyn NC said...

Renovations look like they're going well! Mermaids looks great!

stitcherw said...

Wow, that's a major bit of renovation. Looks like it will be well worth it in the end though, can't wait to see the finished pictures. Mermaids is looking so pretty, I'm loving the blues you're using.

Suzanne said...

Mmm, salmon is such an unpleasant colour. Our hallway was salmon, even the ceiling was painted salmon pink. It was in the kids rooms, our bedroom, the lounge room still has faint traces and we discovered that all the painted woodwork was originally salmon before it was painted baby poo brown.